About Démocratie 

Integrated with the department of Political Sciences of the Faculty of Law, Political Science and Criminology of the University of Liège, Démocratie is a teaching unit and a research center which studies democracy from a philosophical and politicological point of view ;  its institutions, its complexity, its values, its history and theorists, as well as its concrete expressions and contradictions. Finally, the center studies the sometimes improper or abusive use that is made of the word « democracy » in political discourse.

Led by the director Jérôme Jamin (see biography and bibliography below) and the deputy-director Geoffrey Grandjean, the Center relies on different poles of teaching, analysis and research to pursue its objectives :

  • Populism and the radical right
  • Memory and politics
  • American studies (politics and human right issues in the United States)
  • Diversity



About Jérôme Jamin

Holder of a degree in Philosophy (1997), of a Master degree in International Relations and European Politics, and of a PhD in Social and Political Sciences (2007), Jérôme Jamin is Professor at the University of Liège where he also leads the Center Démocratie. His research area focuses on the democratic dynamic in Europe and the United States; populism, nationalism and extreme right; conspiracy theories; ethnic relations and cultural diversity.

Jérôme Jamin is in charge of seven different classes at the University of Liège, he is also the coordinator of the internships of the Master students and responsible for the organisation of the « Jobday » – a day aimed at helping students meet professionals of the sector and chose their future career. Since March 2014, he organises every year a didactic trip to Berlin with first-year students. He is also a scientific collaborator of the CEDEM.

At a more institutional level, Jérôme Jamin is delegated administrator of the Presses universitaires de Liège, co-director of the  Maison des Sciences de l’Homme and member of the Refugee Platform of the University of Liège. He is vice-president of the Belgian Political Science Association (ABSP) and president of the Belgian and Luxembourg American Studies Association (Blasa). He is also a member of the IMISCOE network and of the American Political Science Association.

Besides his academic charges, Jérôme Jamin is director of the Foire du livre politique de Liège (Political book fair of Liège), member of the executive board of the association Territoires de la mémoire, member of the executive board of Les Éditions de la Province de Liège and of the executive board of Les Brasseurs Art contemporain.

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