A Special Relationship of Hate? 50 years of the Anglo-American Far-Right

2012 is the 50th anniversary of the ‘Cotswold Agreement’ and the corresponding establishment of the World Union of National Socialists under the leadership of the UK’s Colin Jordan and the USA’s George Lincoln Rockwell. Since then, numerous examples of postwar fascist ‘internationalism’ are demonstrated by the interrelated development of British and American far-right ideology, culture, aesthetics and practices – found to represent, in the words of Leonard Weinberg, a leading scholar on this neglected subject, a tightly-knit ‘cultural and political affinity between right-wing extremist groups on both sides of the Atlantic, together with an increasing exchange of ideas, perspectives, forms of organization’ and more. Ranging from music and dress to shared political agendas and strategies, these ‘affinities’ will be expansively traced in this two-day international conference, to be hosted by the University of Northampton’s Radicalism and New Media Research Group (www.radicalism-new-media.org) on 13 and 14 September 2012.

Professor Jérôme Jamin (Université de Liège) : « Cultural Marxism in the Anglo-Saxon radical right literature » (Cultural Marxism is at the core of Breivik Manifesto released shortly before the Oslo massacre)

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